American Heritage Credit Union Launches First-Time Homebuyer Programs

By: American Heritage03.14.22

American Heritage Credit Union has launched home buyer programs to help first-time buyers afford and better navigate the homebuying process. The annual First Front Door (FFD) grant, as well as American Heritage’s First-Time Homebuyer Credit promotion can collectively help members receive up to $5,750 in combined grants, closing cost credits, and gift cards.  These programs, along with the credit union’s homebuying resources and First Heritage Realty Alliance, are designed to give prospective home shoppers a one-stop solution for all their homebuying and financing needs.  

 First Front Door $5,000 Grant:

American Heritage is again partnering with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh to offer members up to $5,000 in grants through its annual First Front Door program. The program officially opens March 14, 2022. These grants are designed to help first-time homebuyers who meet certain income requirements with down payments and closing costs associated with the purchase and financing of a home.  For every $1 contributed towards the purchase of a home, qualified homebuyers could receive up to $3 in First Front Door (FFD) grant assistance, up to a maximum of $5,000.

 American Heritage First-Time Homebuyer $500 Credit Promotion:

American Heritage Credit Union’s First-Time Homebuyer Credit promotion is a lender credit program for first-time homeowners who fund their mortgage with American Heritage Credit Union. Eligible members can earn up to a $500 lender credit at the time of closing. Available for primary occupancy homes located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware, this program allows first-time homebuyers to utilize their $500 credit in conjunction with other community grant programs such as First Front Door. 

 Realty and Education Services & $250 Gift Card:

In addition to these grant and credit programs, American Heritage’s realty service, First Heritage Realty Alliance, provides personalized concierge services to prospective home shoppers.  American Heritage encourages home shoppers to visit their website to apply for a free pre-qualification, which allows first-time homebuyers to understand their home affordability.  Finally, American Heritage offers educational resources on home shopping as well as home financing. American Heritage Credit Union members will also receive a $250 gift card to The Home Depot® when they purchase their first home through a First Heritage Realty Alliance agent.

“We are pleased to provide unique educational, home shopping, and financing programs to our members and the community to help fulfil their dreams of home ownership,” stated Bruce K. Foulke, President & CEO of American Heritage. “Our mortgage team is excited to partner with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh once again in alongside our First-Time Homebuyer Credit promotion to help our members start their home ownership journey on the right foot.  Our First Heritage Realty Alliance team provides stellar service for those members who are embarking on this home ownership journey.  Buying a first home can be a daunting process, but our American Heritage team can provide all the necessary tools under one roof and help make the process affordable, personalized and simpler.”

To learn more about first-time home buying and financing, as well as details on the First Front Door Grant and the First-Time Homebuyer Credit promotion, members and prospective members are encouraged to visit American Heritage is an Equal Housing Lender.


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