Making a difference in the lives of local children.

When American Heritage created the Kids-N-Hope Foundation in 1996, it became the first credit union in the country to form its own charitable organization.

The impetus for Kids-N-Hope was a visit by American Heritage's CEO, Bruce Foulke to the Children’s Seashore House of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. When he saw the good work that the medical staff were providing to disabled and handicapped children, he was inspired to help.

The first “ray of hope” donated by the Kids-N-Hope Foundation to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia was a Music Therapy Program. The funds were used to purchase instruments and hire a full-time Music Therapist.

Music provides these physically challenged children with a means to express themselves, creatively and emotionally. These children, in turn, perform for developmentally-disabled children at the hospital.

How Music Therapy Improves Health

Music therapy is a medical treatment prescribed by a doctor or medical professional to effect positive changes in the psychological, physical, cognitive, or social functioning of individuals with health or educational problems.

Music therapy is provided by a specially-trained therapist. The therapist is able to assess a person’s emotional and physical health, cognitive abilities and social and communication skills. Based on those assessments, the therapist will develop music sessions. The sessions can include learning to play an instrument as well as song writing, active music listening and discussions of lyrics, musical compositions and imagery.

How To Help

As the program has grown, Kids-N-Hope Foundation has funded additional musical therapists who are specially trained in working with developmentally-disabled children. American Heritage is committed to continue its role as a donor, with events to raise funds to support the needs of these extraordinary children.

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