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Product Spotlight: Digital Services

By: Holly Benedetto08.25.22 Product Spotlight
American Heritage offers convenient online banking tools. Our web browser-based Online Teller and smartphone app, Mobile Teller, are here to make your life more streamlined and accessible. If you have yet to try our digital experience, keep reading to find out why you should!
Blog Product Spotlight Personal Loan

Product Spotlight: Personal Loans

By: Holly Benedetto02.17.22 Product Spotlight
Loans have been around for millennia, with records dating back to early Mesopotamian farmers borrowing seeds and livestock and using their yields for repayment. Today, loans remain one of the most classic banking products available due to their simplicity, versatility, and usefulness. A personal loan is a sum of money borrowed from a credit union, bank, or other lender, paid back over a set amount of time in fixed monthly installments, with interest.
Blog Product Spotlight Debt Consolidation

Product Spotlight: Debt Consolidation Solutions

By: Holly Benedetto01.27.22 Product Spotlight
Debt consolidation is a process in which multiple debts are combined into a single payment. Benefits of debt consolidation can range from reducing the number of individual payments to paying less over time with a lower interest rate. There are several ways a borrower can consolidate their debt, and some solutions are more suited to certain debts than others.
A couple deposits a check on the go

4 Digital Services to Join This Earth Day

By: Holly Benedetto04.22.21 Product Spotlight
All of us can make a difference every day by choosing greener, electronic options. By reducing paper waste and mailing resources, you can help reduce your footprint and contribute to the good of the environment. If you are looking for more ways to reduce waste, consider using these four digital services offered at American Heritage.

Make Deposits Anywhere With Mobile Check Deposit

By: American Heritage09.10.20 Product Spotlight
In the last few years, mobile check deposit has become a must-have mobile banking tool for users of every age. It’s easy to see why: This powerful mobile banking feature lets you avoid extra trips to a branch or ATM by giving you the freedom to make deposits on your schedule, and you can make deposits anywhere you have an internet connection.

How to Use Contactless Cards and Mobile Wallets

By: Holly Benedetto04.27.20 Product Spotlight
There are always tools to streamline our everyday lives, since time is precious and better spent elsewhere than in the checkout line. If you’re looking for a new way to add a popular and safer technology to your life, try paying for transactions using contactless payments. Contactless payments can be performed using a contactless credit or debit card, or with a smartphone or smartwatch with the mobile wallet enabled. As the name suggests, these transactions reduce or eliminate the need to be in contact with the terminal when making a purchase. Enjoy faster, cleanlier, and more convenient shopping experiences with contactless technology!



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